Jan Anderson-Paxson Photography

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Jan Anderson-Paxson began her photography career as the first woman

television newsphotographer in the state of Kansas working for the NBC

affiliate station, in Wichita.

She later turned to still photography and freelanced and worked for

newspapers in East Texas.

She began teaching in 1992 at Angelina College, Lufkin, Texas, where she is

still employed.

While working most of her career in newsphotography, she has more recently

turned to fine art photography. However, her journalistic instincts are never

far behind.

She says this about her work:

I want to look past what is in front of me and see what exists beyond to

provide the viewer with more than just surface information. It might be a

glimpse of the past or a glimpse of culture. Then sometimes the images are less

specific in their identification of place and instead serve as abstracted and

fragmented flashes of memory where the subject matter becomes secondary

to the formal elements such as light, line, shape and form.


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