Jan Anderson-Paxson Photography

Diagonal lines




Curved cord



Angles and curves

Hall free




Brick building

Day dreaming


flowered cloth

Train window




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Fleeting Memories

Artist’s Statement

I have always been fascinated with the temporal, transient qualities of light and the images it produces. A cloud

may pass overhead which blocks the sun. Other changes occur when the ever-rotating earth causes the angle of

light to constantly shift, therefore immediately altering the scene. Together, these elements provide us with an

ever-changing reality.

This body of work explores the results from some of those brief encounters of shifting light.

Looking at the photographs the viewer might find a familiar shape, although it may appear in an unexpected

location. Or, they see an unrecognizable shape, which possesses an air of mystery to its true identity. And

finally, in some cases, the compositions of light and shadow may evoke a feeling or memory in the viewer,

maybe even one long hidden from thought.

The word “memory” can have many meanings. In this digital world we live in, mounds of information is stored on

computers possessing sufficient memory capacities. Family events are recorded on our camera’s memory


And through the action of light and shadow on our environment, the photographs of this show relate some of

those elusive and Fleeting Memories that have touched me and I hope will also strike a cord in the viewer.


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