Jan Anderson-Paxson Photography

Reflections #1

Ribbons of light#1

Empty can

Heavenly light


Reflections #2

Fallen leaf

Releasing the moon

Cascading light

Into the fire

Ribbons of light#2

Tree shadows

Face on the wall

Holding  back

Blowing in wind #2

Blowing in the wind #1

Rainy street

Ripples and shadows

Sea Wall

Reflections #3

Lone contrail



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Perceived Impressions

Artist’s Statement

The title of the show “Perceived Impressions” is derived from the fact that each viewer

brings his or her own experiences, memories and beliefs into play when interpreting the

image. I want the viewers to see what they want to see in any particular photograph given

the information that I have presented them. Therefore, the images may be read

differently according to different viewers.

My subjects, for the most part, are rather common kinds of things. I am fascinated with

the play of light and how light and shadow can make even the most ordinary objects

appear extraordinary. A change in the intensity and direction of light can accentuate a

line or forms that previously had gone unnoticed. But it takes observing everything both

big and small in a scene to see something different. I prefer to take photographs of

“found” subjects, letting the subject dictate the final image, I also enjoy exploring nature

and the relationship of man coexisting with nature.


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