Jan Anderson-Paxson Photography

Duomo through


Rest and conversation

Stone columns

Man with white socks

Table in window

Man reading


One bicycle

Clergyman on street


The stroller

Wooden shutters

Bicycle and steps

Ornate lamppost

Bed in villa

Old gentleman

Monastery wall

Shadowed wall and


Kitchen window

Reflected windows

Curious little man

Opening in window

Bus stop window

Window blinds

Woman on bicycle

Rainy day market



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Quiet Reflection

Artist’s Statement

During a study abroad trip to Italy, I had the opportunity to explore its cities and culture,

resulting in a body of work that depicts my personal interpretation of the country. I want

the viewer to look at my images and get a feeling of place, culture, and sense a mood of

reflection and contemplation as the photographs reveal the fragments and recollections of

my memories. While the photographs are collectively important to the meaning as a

whole, individually in some instances, the subject becomes less important and instead

serves as a vehicle for the celebration of light, line, shape and form, within the discovered

beauty I found from unexpected sources.

The title of the show “Quiet Reflection” speaks of the act of looking back and

remembering. However, the title also refers to the reflected light which the camera


I have chosen to work in the medium of black and white photography because I enjoy the

simplicity of tones. In addition, by eliminating the distraction of color and peeling off the

outer layers of the subject, I feel I am able to reveal its essential form. Also, without color

the image can step away from reality and become more than just a simple representation.


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