Jan Anderson-Paxson Photography


Zen garden

Steps 2

Hidden blossom


Moon in the trees

Calm waters


Sliding door

Double line

Concentric pattern


Rocking chair

Evening light

Follow the line

Curved steps

Wooden swing


Sand waves




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Revealing Line

Artist's Statement

The literal name for photography means, "Light writing." I think that is a wonderful

description because light is so important to any photograph. William Henry Fox Talbot,

an early pioneer in the development of photography, called photographs, "the pencil of


Seeing the magic in those first recorded images captivated the people. Now, whether the

image is on film or digital sensor, which magic still exists today.

I have titled this collection of photographs, Revealing Line. All around us, through careful

observation, there are opportunities to see unique images. Light and shadow act to isolate

line and form, with the resulting light drawings coming to life.


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